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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OBLIVION - off the record 1+2

What we have here is a carefully assembled collection of nearly all of the released tracks from chicago's OBLIVION spanning the years of 1993-2000 (their early cassettes are the only thing not represented here) that didn't appear on their three albums. I included their half of the split they did with Man Dingo as well, as it is a small collection of songs that I don't think is in print anymore. The backbone of this comes from the 1998 compilation Suckers From the Start, released by sinister records. I have retained all of the tracks from there aside from the 3 live ones that were put close to the end of it. All art for every release will be represented in itunes, and I tried to go by known recorded song dates rather than actual release dates, cuz some of this stuff didn't see the light of day for a couple years after it was recorded.

I have a lot to say about Oblivion, but not enough time to say it. For now I will leave it at this:putting together this (mostly)chronological collection of songs was a labor of love, and I still fucking love this band. Once upon a time I complimented Pete on the handful of AMAZING split 7"s they had put out in a short period of time, and he told me something about how they liked to make sure that they were always giving their absolute best with the singles, as they were an efficient and good way to get more people into the band, or something like that. Eventually they called it a day in the spring of 2000, when drummer Brian left for Florida for a dream job working with large animals. Ideas for a parting EP were thrown around, but as far as I know nothing was ever recorded for that. The band did a short but sweet set at the Sludgeworth reunion show less than a year later, and then came back for the event of a lifetime that was the rematch of Apocalypse Hoboken vs Oblivion, in the winter of 2006.
Maybe one day one of the most hardworking (and never a rotating cast of players!) bands out of the Chicagoland area will get the recognition they deserve.

I split this into two volumes because I know some of you (very few) still use CDs, and this was too much to fit on one cd-r. Below is a list of all of the tracks and where they originally appeared. Items marked * are unreleased elsewhere and appeared more or less exclusively on the aforementioned Suckers From the Start CD.

1. Theodore (Product 7")
2. Fester (Product 7")
3. Yellow #5 (Product 7")
4. Fear of China (Full Blown Grover 7")
5. Autumn Salt Apathy Flytrap (Full Blown Grover 7")
6. Don't Sit Down (Full Blown Grover 7")
7. Up On the Housetop (A Very Punk Christmas 2x7" compilation)
8. In the Dumpster (Dumpsterland zine 7" compilation)
9. Fantastic Plastic (A Taste of Chicago compilation)
10. Uncontrollable Urge* [Devo]
11. We Had to Say It Again (split 7" with No Empathy)
12. Stolen (split 7" with No Empathy)
13. She's Moving to Paris (Achtung Chicago Drei compilation)
14. Hamster Man (The Check's in the Mail compilation)
15. Ellen McCarthy*
16. Gar (Marc's a Dick and Gar's a Drunk: The Johann's Face Story compilation)
17. Burn in Hell* [Twisted Sister]
18. Hey Chewbacca (The ABC's of Punk compliation)
1. Jonquil (split 7" with Humble Beginnings)
2. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (split 7" with Humble Beginnings) [AC/DC]
3. Stairway to Heaven*
4. Before You Go Away*
5. S.W.A.R. (split CD with Man Dingo)
6. September (split CD with Man Dingo)
7. Grandma Neusbaum, whoa nellie (split CD with Man Dingo)
8. D.A.D featuring Olde Earle (split CD with Man Dingo)
9. The Great American Rock and Roll Tragedy (split CD with Man Dingo)
10. Party Dress (split CD with Man Dingo)
11. Stupidtry (split CD with Man Dingo)
12. The Day the Calvary Got Gum Cancer (split 7" with God's Reflex)
13. The Rock Game (split 7" with God's Reflex)
14. Oak Park (Apocalypse Hoboken vs. Oblivion split 7")
15. Polaroid Man (Apocalypse Hoboken vs. Oblivion split 7")
16. Ice Cream Man* [Van Halen]
17. The Trooper* [Iron Maiden]
18. Whiplash* [Metallica]
19. She's a Brawler (Did Somebody Say Rock? 4 way split 7")
20. South Side Story (Magnetic Curses compilation)

As far as I know, Pete, Brian and or Scott should possibly still have copies of their self-released "Super Saver Series" CDs, which was a bargain priced single disc including their first two albums, Stop Thief! and Shoot Me a Waco. If any of them can confirm this and would like me to put contact information here, they should let me know.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Velocity Hopkins - S/T

(1999, Insignificant/Bulb)

Mr. Velocity Hopkins (a/k/a Pete Larsen, former head honcho of Bulb Records & member of Couch (r.i.p.) and 25 Suaves (???) puts together a then mostly unknown now somewhat "superstar" cast of players to execute his first solo album. And execute it does, this thing fucking slays. Its some kind of mix between of extreme free jazz, heavy metal and no wave.. I don't know. The old Bulb site says this:

"Long overdue and anxious, Mr. Velocity Hopkin's testament to space and time is here for you. 22 songs of hate and family breakup come blasting through your speakers in a free metal marathon that won't quit unless you can name all the players involved. Includes members of Galen, Easy Action and the famous L.A. Ellington, former drummer of the Pterodactyls. Get it for the cover alone."

Slightly reminiscent of some era or another of The Flying Luttenbachers, that only makes sense because Weasel is supposedly on this one.
I do not know who played what, maybe that is a studio secret. The Liner notes list these people: Aaron Dilloway (Galen, Couch, Wolf Eyes, etc..), Harold Richardson (?), Andrew Wilkes Krier (Ancient Art of Boar, Andrew WK), 'Weezel Walter' (Flying Luttenbachers, Chicago Sound, XBXRX, Hatewave, etc etc), Steev Kenny (Galen, Pterodactyls), & Doug Haynes as the players on the album. Actually, it doesn't even say they do anything, so maybe it's just a thank you list. Who the fuck knows? (Someone knows.)

UPDATE: Weasel is definitely NOT on this album.

1. Kill Everyone Now
2. Back to the Canyon
3. Systematic Death
4. The Smell of the Pelican
5. Immortal
6. Sad Wings of Destiny
7. Excacerbate Yourself
8. Two Heads, One Door
9. Bricklicker
10. Jet Velocity!
11. Rooting Beans Makes a Meal
12. X Japan
13. Get Out
14. Action Camera
15. Magas Refusal
16. Kings of Brazil
17. Anonymous
18. 22 Golden Hits
19. Triumph
20. Cake is Love
21. Ultrastupid

Nondor Nevai - Diabolical Interventions 7"

EDIT: physical copies of this record available for $5 at

Nondor put this 7" out on the flemish masters label sometime around 99' or '00. I forget which. It doesn't really matter either, because on the website he put it down as "UNAVAILABLE" or "NOT FOR SALE" or something like that. I emailed him way back when it was still active and asked "why not?" to which he told me something like "oh shit, maybe I should be selling those." I ended up picking up a copy from Weasel who had a handful of them sent to him.

I have to say this however. Nondor didn't like the mastering job or the pressing job or something in the process of getting his sounds to record - he mentioned that it sounded something like a "squeaky balloon", and really it kind of does. Still, I don't really think you're going to find this one anywhere else, so enjoy it here for now.
(I saw a used copy for .99 a couple years ago at reckless records - they mis-tagged it as a "HiM" record!)

2 tracks. the cover is actually a plain white sleeve with silver stickers pasted onto it. the silver did not trasnfer so well in the scanning process...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TUESDAY - demos '96/97

Tuesday were from Elgin and came from the great slapstick breakup in 1996.... I liked these guys. They played a lot of shows as a three piece, did the demo tape, had some of it released on a cd called 'early summer', which surprisingly not on it as it was the best song from this tape.. then they released a full length album called 'freewheelin', added a new member after that and kind of slowly faded away as Dan moved on to do bigger "better" things. I saw these guys so many times from the beginning to the end, which went pretty quick. One show in Milwaukee I saw them do a cover of 'surrender' by cheap trick and they never did it again. The last time I saw them was some "small" VFW show for food not bombs that I can confirm had My Lai playing, and maybe any of these other bands: The Valentines, The Broadways, and maybe even a veeeery early incarnation of The Brokedowns, but if i'm remembering it right maybe those guys (and they were all different guys except for Bronco) were just AT the show. Regardless, it was mostly unattended, bands & friends were playing softball out back, it was some Sunday night at the end of the summer and I had school the next day. Tuesday did a lot of great new songs that they had been playing out for a while, and I was really hoping to see a new album/release, but in an instance that plagues the punk rock world quite often this never came to be.

By that night Dan was already in the process of moving on into the rockstar world of the band "Matt Skiba featuring the Alkaline Trio" (i think that is what they are called), I don't know what Matt Stamps or Tyler did after Tuesday, but I do know Robbie Kelenberger went on to drum in the Smoking Popes (post reunion) before quitting that band to be a manager somewhere, or something like that.

Sound quality here is awful - definitely has the "cassette" feel that the source of these tapes were... nothing much to do about that.

Tracks 1-6 are the UNRELEASED 'freewheelin' demos, which have a more raw sound than they ended up having on the more pop oriented album, and two of the tracks hewre never made it to the album or ANYWHERE ELSE for that matter. Tracks 7-14 are the original demo they sold at shows until they had better sounding recordings to sell. not sure the source of this rip, but i would imagine it was probably pepito, as i got a similar tape from him in the mail sometime around 1998.

01 Dreamers Club
02 Disappear
03 Please Come Home
04 Time To
05 Everything Left Out
06 Too Much of Today
07 It's a Bright Light
08 That's Not Like Me
09 She's Not Your Pet
10 One Day of Peace Please
11 Put a Little Love in Your Heart
12 So Awake
13 Early Summer
14 Everybody Was in Love

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The "Complete" Golding Institute Singles

What we have here is a collection of 7"s that came out sometime in the '90s. Brought to us by the Golding Institute, which was the brainchild of one Gregg Turkington (who has ties Caroliner, Zip Code Rapists, Mr Bungle AND Neil Hamburger) who was seemingly inspired by the field recording albums which I believe were prominent in the mid 60's-early '70s. Here are all three 7" records released. Listen at your own risk, I'm not sure these things were meant to be heard all in one sitting!

I was going to put up a collection of Zip Code Rapists stuff a while back, however it is better off that I didn't because you can now once again OWN most of their creative output one one little disc available from, a new record label.
There are some ZCR scraps and some live recordings I could put up here one day. Things that didn't make it to that new retrospective/'discography' disc. We'll see.

Ipecac Recordings have gone and released ANOTHER Golding Institute Record called FINAL RELAXATION. It will help you through the "tough times" of life and help you take that one last step towards euthanasia. If you are ready to wander into the great beyond, please do not leave this lifetime without a copy of this A+ self help record. Apparently you can order a DIRECT audio file from ipecac, though I couldn't find a link to purchase a hard copy of the album through them. If you have already made up your mind and have a couple days left before your target date of leaving your body I suppose you could order said physical copy from amazon or another online retailer.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monitor Radio.

Sorry for my disappearance. I'm not going to talk about that. Instead, I will give you these four tracks by the painfully under appreciated band MONITOR RADIO. They came and went. Curious parties would probably be happy to hear that in the beginning a guy named QUINTRON played guitar for them in the beginning, and appears on the first two tracks. While he was in Chicago he also ran the notorious "Milk of Burgundy" venue and put out noisy records of drum clanks. He moved to New Orleans and now makes solid dance records... I have also included a track from the camp skin graft cd, and a live set on WNUR. There are two things stopping this from being a (supposed) discography. Their half of the split with Lake of Dracula, "Brown Leather", though is played on the live track, and a song from the Lumpen Magazine compilation "Chicken Bomb" that is sort of mismatched track wise. Their contribution to that, "outro" is tagged on to another track. Band also featured Jeff Day and Emily O'Hara who were part of Bobby Conn's first backing band, and a guy named Lil Druzzi, who also goes by the name of Gabe Andruzzi and plays in some pretty big band from New York or California or something. Enjoy.

1. Observe: Spies
2. Halloween
3. Insouciance
4. Live on WNUR

I got the 7" and WNUR tracks from greg.
I got the pictures from some website (I own this record, but was too lazy to scan the cover)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bobby Conn - Non Album Tracks

1996-2008, no record label.
1. Who's the Paul?
2. Me, Most of All
3. Never Get Ahead (mostly clean chic a go go mix)
4. Sherman's Stick
5. The Power of the Aadams Family
6. The Language of Love (version 1)
7. I Love You
8. 69 Anne Erotique
9. Nehru Suit
10. The Whistler
11. California
12. The Language of Love (version 2)
13. Death to Wah-Wah
14. Seiko Shenai
15. Got to Get It
16. Washed in the Blood
17: BONUS: In the Creamfields by MUNK featuring Bobby Conn on vocals.

So this one is a years in progress collection that I started long ago. #1 performer in all of Chicago... These are songs that were on compilations, B sides, imports, etc.... heres a mostly complete list of where all of them came from:
1 - whos the paul 7". 2 - b side to 2nd single "never get ahead", 3. Chic-a-go-go CD, 4 - LUMPEN TIMES "chicken bomb" cd, 5 - some pinball magazine 7", 6, 7 - japanese llovvessonnggs import cd, 8 - skin graft records CAMP SKIN GRAFT NOW WAVE FIGHT OR FUCK cd, 10,11 - Chicago 2018 compilation, 12 - science in the shape of birds cd toyo records, 13 - ???, 14 - golden age japanese import, 15 - the homeland japanese import, 16 - thrill jockey PLUM 7" box set.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Black Roses - Original Soundtrack

1988, Metal Blade Records
01 - Black Roses - Dance on Fire
02 - Black Roses - Soldiers of the Night
03 - Bang Tango - I'm No Stranger
04 - Black Roses - Rock Invasion
05 - Black Roses - Paradise (We're On Our Way)
06 - Lizzy Borden - Me Against the World
07 - King Cobra - Take It Off
08 - David Michael Phillips - King of Kool
09 - Tempest - Streetlife Warrior
10 - Hallows Eve - D.I.E.

link no longer exists. possibly reported, sorry.

I have a friend who just rented the recently released DVD of the movie Black Roses to my suggestion. He seemed to think it was an utter piece of shit... Its possible that the only reason I hold it in high regard in the "Heavy Metal Horror" genre of films that were coming out in the late '80s is because thats when I first watched it. How could it be bad? Look at that cover! The actual VHS copy of it that was available for rental had a pop up textured cover! (you'd have to remember that VHS sales didn't become a household thing until the '90s, and rental copies were the only ones available from companies - generally at the up and up price of $80 or more) Anyways. The movie is directed by the same guy who directed the Thor starring heavy metal horror "Rock'N'Roll Nightmare" a year or two before. This one was a more realistic feeling story about teenage rebellion and a town (Mill Basin) that didn't want the kids favorite band - Black Roses, to play. With good reason, of course. The bands music leads to demonic posession (oh how typical) Anyways, This soundtrack has a bunch of odd-metal ballads (I guess thats what they can be called), and the Lizzy Borden song is actually top notch, I think its playing in the movie during a scene where the guy who plays Big Pussy on the Sopranos gets EATEN BY A FUCKING STEREO. Go watch this movie, and then tell me if you think it sucks too or if my friend is just an asshole.... right now I really just miss the "Satanic Panic" that I was living through firsthand in the '80s. No, I wasn't too young to absorb it all. It was everywhere...
Another friend, when I was about 10 or 11, went through an issue of Circus magazine that I owned and went to the rock and roll t shirts and crossed out the ones he said were devil worshipping bands -the funny thing was he only seemed to target items like White Lion and Guns and Roses while leaving the obvious satanic insignia of bands such as Slayer and Helloween unmarked. Thats the '80s for ya.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Edith Massey - Big Girls Don't Cry 7"

Egg Records, Unknown year. (approx. 1980ish)
Tracklist (as if it wasn't obvious):
01 - Big Girls Don't Cry
02 - Punks, Get off the Grass

As noted on the sleeve pictured above - "the egg lady from pink flamingos", dreamlander Edith Massey reinvented herself as a punk goddess in the late 70s. Unfortunately, this is the only recorded document of that time period, though a few handfuls of photographs exist.
Pretty weird stuff, but really good sounding for some reason.

Short & sweet.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sidekick Kato - First Class Chump

1995, Johanns Face Records.
01 - Yellow Fever
02 - 1st Class Chump
03 - Kruses
04 - Valentine
05 - Elephant Shoes
06 - Bruised
07 - Airborne
08 - Orion
09 - Crashhappy
10 - Liquid Courage

They brought the weird into the Chicagoland punk. And I think they brought the beers, too. Or maybe Dave Eaves was smuggling them in that fannypack of his. Love songs about drinking, paintings (and paranoias) about aliens, and tight songwriting. I swear though, I think theres something in the water over in Des Plaines... I think it was at one of their shows where I first spotted the modest Eorl Scholl, who was probably taking care of setting up/taking apart the drums. Hes still around. The rest of the guys I don't know about. Had a strange encounter with Tom Anderson (vocals) a few years back, and the Apocalypse Hoboken vs. Oblivion show in December of last year is probably the only time i've seen any of the other guys since the beginning of this decade...

In a clever way to whore this out (I never said I wouldn't sellout if the price was right... we're all whores anyways, right?) and give some search engine fodder i'll go ahead and make note that the boys choir on Kruses had a lil youngin who went on to be every fifteen year old girls heartthrob cream dream, Matt Skiba. At this point in time ('95) Alkaline Trio wasn't even a cumstain on the map yet, they came around a year later and were actually GOOD for about 10 months... prettysure that he wasn't old enough to legally drink yet, but then again Tom probably wasn't either. This was a while before Dave Eaves put a halt to underage drinking at Fireside.. Oh, and on a better note, the mainstays of Apocalypse Hoboken are also part of that choir. (Todd, Andy, Scott.) I'll probably be adding more of their stuff in the future as it has all gone so hopelessly out of print... ((updated 1/21/10, higher quality image!))

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dot Dot Dot - 2 x 7"

Emu Records, Complacency records, 1983/1984.
01 - And Then You Realized You Haven't Left Yet
02 - Was War Morgen
03 - Just
04 - Not To Say

Dot Dot Dot started somewhere around 1982 (hey, just like me.) somewhere around Palatine or Schaumburg (IL), featuring Thymme Jones, Chris Block, Jef Bek, Scott Ashley and maybe a few other guys ended up playing with them too. Thymme is the forerunner for Cheer-Accident, who are still going strong despite a rotating cast of 20 or so people over the years and the death of their guitarist/friend Phil Bonnet. I don't know much else about these recordings other than to say C-A has been incorporating the first track into their sets a lot recently, and possibly the second song as well. I'm never going to get the definitive story, but in the mid '90s, three girls who were prominent in their own bands (jodi mecanic - math/duotron/monotrona, kelly kuvo - scissor girls, rose pm - zeek sheck) later started a all girl Dot Dot Dot, and to make things even weirder friends and members of Cheer-Accident were involved on their one and only LP (Dylan "Mick Mars" Posa was a guest, and during that period he was a member of C-A, Bobby Conn sang for them on a track called "valentine" - I have video of a bleach blonde Bobby belting this one out with the girls at their last show ever..) and now, there is a complete waste of time from the same area going under the Dot Dot Dot moniker, though I don't know anything else about them other than they were winners on some Fox "Making the Band" type reality show. Confused? Good. This is the best band to ever use the name....

Apocalypse Hoboken - "easy instructions for complex machinery"

1995, Johanns Face Records.
01 - Jerk Lessons
02 - Smoker's Cough
03 - Not My Kind of Guy
04 - Be Alright
05 - Butter on the Rim
06 - Dean is a Punk
07 - Cindy (Nip Drivers)
08 - Kicking my Head In
09 - Hate is Such a Strong Word
10 - Gay Parade
11 - Sixteen
12 - Misguided Memories (the Freeze)
13 - Sorry Bout the Mess
14 - Sorry
15 - Space Glaze
16 - So Emotional
17 - Little Red Riding Hood (Sam Sham and the Pharohs)

One day i'll write a very long winded story about my teenage years. One day. Before I die. Maybe. For now I don't really know where to start - it's overwhelming. The fireside bowl was the place to be in Chicago, and if you were around for that and if you were into punk rock in the mid '90s, theres a good chance you saw these guys, unless you absolutely avoided the,. (My toll was probably an average of once every two or three months for these guys. Oblivion, their rivals and good freinds, on the other hand usually played once a month. All that work and barely any recogniton... shame.) A majority of the people who played in this band are still involved in some project or another, with singer Todd ranking most active with at least three new bands under his belt, after a long period of no bands at all. They still rise from the grave from time to time, though those shows are few and far between they're really not something to be missed. I miss these guys more than most bands around from that period (oblivion is on top of that list too) and when I think about how long ago all of this was it just makes me feel like i'm too old for this shit. Maybe. Probably not.

Here is the original album description as recalled by drummer Andy on their now defunct website, with more information that you really asked for:

"Todd insisted on this title, and even had a lyric by the same title, but never used it. We had to record this quickly to finish it for our summer tour, so we've always had little bitches about it. We finally got to do a Nip Drivers song, and I think we did a Freeze cover, too (now there's an original idea). Whereas on past releases Bill and Scott did the majority of the songwriting, now everyone was gettin involved, which made it really fun and different. The cover was our take on The Rolling Stones' "Exile On Main Street", though the only thing we ever heard about it was, "Why are the KKK on the cover? Do you like the KKK? You're going to get in TROUBLE!" As of today, we still haven't gotten 'in trouble', Punk Rock is soooo daring these days. Also, the song "Kicking My Head In" was taken a little too literally. While we were trying to poke holes in "homophobic logic", some people just didn't understand the black humor we intend to inject into our songs. ("Gay Parade" has nothing to do with gay people, by the way). The first song should be a dead give-away as to how we feel about those who take everything at face value. "Little Red Riding Hood" became a regular set closer, and I think we've played "Sorry" live twice. "So Emotional", one of our favorite songs, with guest vocals by Tom Little Face from Sidekick Kato, has never been played live, because screaming for three minutes straight makes Todd a dull boy. "Dean Is a Punk", I think, is about someone in particular, not named Dean, though. The "Baby" (LP insert, CD back cover) is Todd's baby brother, Skylar."